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"Every day, more than 4000 veterinary students and technicians worldwide get a smile from a Robert M. Miller cartoon with their "Question of the Day" email from our veterinary educational website, the Zuku Review.

In a world of information overload, RMM's cartoons help our website stand out from the crowd, and give people a reason to linger and laugh. They are unique, artful, funny and most of all real.

Dr. Miller's timeless humor and deft visual style speak directly to the life of veterinary professionals and those who live and work with animals. "

Steven I McLaughlin DVM, MPH, DACVPM

The Zuku Review
Online veterinary test prep

1 800 928 8218

"When celebrating our 25th anniversary, we at VPI knew we needed a special gift to commemorate the occasion at an industry reception planned at the Western Veterinary Conference.  We worked with Dr. Miller to develop a unique collection of his companion animal cartoons that would speak to our audience.  The book was a huge hit, and having Dr. Miller available in person to sign copies at the event was icing on our anniversary cake.  Thank you Dr. Miller, for keeping us all in stitches.  Stitches.  That reminds me of a cartoon..."

Curtis Steinhoff
Senior Director, Corporate Communications Veterinary Pet Insurance.

"It has been great working with you.  You have been very responsive keeping all agreements saving a lot of time and facilitating this project to become a success despite our tight schedule.

We are going to use the book as a promotion for our customers (cattle practitioners) using the saying that a good laugh prolongs life!   This is related to a new study on how our main product prolongs the productive life of dairy cattle.   It will be distributed throughout Scandinavia."

Ann Charlotte
Scandinavian Product Manager Cattle

Boehringer Ingelheim Denmark A/S

"Better Behavior In Dogs" enjoys popularity among dog owners because its words address both preventing and humanely curing behavioral woes for dog owners; but due to the artistic genius of Robert M. Miller, DVM. Bob's cartoons not only enhance, but ingeniously clarify much the book's verbal concepts. This talent is proven by the success that readers have enjoyed after putting the programs into action with their pets. Thank you, RMM!

William E. Campbell

My mom, first met Dr. Miller many years ago when he called to inquire about Fly Predators. He is now in his 31st year of using Fly Predators and for the past decade he has been gracious enough to allow us to use his quote “they’ve done a superb job on my place” and photo in our advertisements without compensation.  Many knew of Dr. Miller as a world renowned veterinarian, lecturer and writer and the leading proponent of what has now become known as natural horsemanship. Others knew of a RMM who did funny cartoons in Western Horseman and Veterinary Medicine. But I’ll bet that many never knew that this was the same person.

Tom Spalding

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