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Veterinary Pet Insurance

"When celebrating our 25th anniversary, we at VPI knew we needed a special gift to commemorate the occasion at an industry reception planned at the Western Veterinary Conference.  We worked with Dr. Miller to develop a unique collection of his companion animal cartoons that would speak to our audience.  The book was a huge hit, and having Dr. Miller available in person to sign copies at the event was icing on our anniversary cake.  Thank you Dr. Miller, for keeping us all in stitches.  Stitches.  That reminds me of a cartoon..."

Curtis Steinhoff
Senior Director, Corporate Communications
Veterinary Pet Insurance

VPI partnered with us to create this book to reduce printing costs.   The company gave them out at a tradeshow to attract attendees to their booth while we added it to our inventory of books for sale following the convention. 


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