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Boeinger Ingleheim, Scandinavia

BI wanted a book to send to their customers in the dairy industry, both as a thank you and to create further awareness of their product.   RMM created a custom cartoon for the cover featuring a veterinarian and a cow with a caption mentioning the product.   Further information on the product was included on the inside cover.  

"It has been great working with you.  You have been very responsive keeping all agreements saving a lot of time and facilitating this project to become a success despite our tight schedule.

We are going to use the book as a promotion for our customers (cattle practitioners) using the saying that a good laugh prolongs life!   This is related to a new study on how our main product prolongs the productive life of dairy cattle.   It will be distributed throughout Scandinavia."

Ann Charlotte
Scandinavian Product Manager Cattle

Boehringer Ingelheim Denmark A/S


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